I have joined the obsession…

For most of my adult beverage comsuming life… I am a scotch and red wine fanatic. Beer was always an afterthought, something to drink when I was at a baseball game.

Fast-forward to last summer: I purchased my first boat, and fell face-first into the boating obsession.

One of the requisite side-effects of boating, is the consumption of a cold beer on a hot lake summer day. IMO, this is just shy of heaven.

While comsuming a number of different types of beer, I realized my tastes were turning again and again to the custom ales – specifically, IPA’s. It was this semi-new infatuation with good beer that has now forced my hand… I have just started homebrewing.

I will updating this blog as I make my way into the obsession… and from my limited exposure, it is definitely an obsession.


~ by brewdaddy on August 31, 2009.

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