Equipment setup

After careful consideration and hours of reading, I finally decided to purchase my first homebrew equipment. I looked at kits available on the Internet, and for my needs, most could be acquired for about $100. That seemed reasonable… until I looked at the shipping costs… not so reasonable.

Luckily, I do have access to a wonderful LHBS in the North Dallas area – so a minor road trip was setup.

The guys I met at HomebrewHQ were extremely helpful – they explained the process and what equipment I would need to get my first batch started. Here’s a list of the equipment I purchased to get started:


  • 6.8 gallon primary fermenter/bottling bucket
  • 5 gallon Better Bottle
  • airlock
  • rubber stopper
  • carboy cap
  • racking cane
  • bottle filler
  • siphon hose
  • 2-lever capper
  • crown caps
  • carboy brush

You may notice the omission of a few items that you might find in other kits: hydrometer, floating thermometer, and an autosiphon. These aren’t included in their 2-stage Deluxe Brewing kit, but aren’t terribly expensive.

A bonus to buying local – they include a basic extract brew when you purchase the kit.

An even better bonus – I didn’t care for the American ale they included and they swapped it out for an IPA liquid extract brew and two pounds of corn sugar. I purchased an additional two pounds of dry malt extract (DME), loaded up the car, and headed back up north… ready to brew.


~ by brewdaddy on September 1, 2009.

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  1. I can affirm the rigorous selection process involved in this purchase.

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